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and security plans

Thanks to our expertise and the partnerships that we have set up, we help you to better assess and manage all your risks.


Every business, NGO and association has to be vigilant in ensuring its security and that of its personnel. It is an absolute obligation of result, in the same way as production and quality. The measures taken by the employer have to include :

  • Actions to prevent professional risks;
  • Information and training actions:
  • The introduction of appropriate organisational structure and resources
  • Consideration of potential situations and the need to compensate individuals

Our expertise and the partnerships that we have set up, allow us to offer all these services and novel contracts to better assess and control your costs.


We help you to analyse your risks, assess your needs, and put in place the most appropriate solutions.

These may be preventive actions such as pre-departure training (in small groups for targeted training or more general modules), or providing booklets or guides containing all the useful information for a travel assignment.
It may also include providing tools such as apps for smartphones or tablets to monitor the movements of people on assignment , alerts in the case of an event in the mission country, providing factsheets updatable in real-time, etc.

Lastly and above all, it means remaining vigilant that all events are covered and taken into consideration so that the business traveller can be rescued whatever happens wherever he may be, cared for and fairly compensated.

Our policies cover all these events (risks, riot, terrorist attack, civil or foreign war…) and our coverage applies in all these situations.


Although the economy now largely runs on digital services and your operations depend in large part on computers, the Internet and the Cloud, the interconnections between information systems are not supported by much better security systems.

Recent large-scale global attacks have shown that cybersecurity is now indisputably essential.

To prevent risks and offer you a solution that enables you to control your costs, we offer you:

  • An assessment of your exposure to cybersecurity risk in light of your context, challenges and resources.
  • An assessment of your exposure to cybersecurity risk in light of your context, challenges and resources.
    Solutions tailored to the identified risks and needs, as well as customised support in implementing them,
  • Integration of an insurance solution that takes those risk and their implications into account wisely;
    Specialised, recognised partners based in France and Europe who can operate all around the world,

These solutions are tailored specifically for you based on analyses by an accredited specialist firm (Hexatrust / Cyber Centre of Excellence).