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As an insurance broker specialising in international business for almost 30 years, we adapt policies and coverages to your needs and wishes.

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International insurance broker cover you anywhere in the world, for any risk



We have been working for 30 years with the major players in the insurance industry and at the international to provide the best service.



Geodesk's vision is to become the long-term partner of companies and NGOs.
Our priority: to offer quality support to each insured person.

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A personalised service that meets the needs and specificities of each company, association, NGO... and all our policyholders.

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Discover our tailor-made offers, adapted to your needs


Offers concerning International Humanitarian Aid Non-Governmental Organisations, International Solidarity Organisations, International Charitable Foundations, Institutions or Ministries….


Tailor-made offers for companies, business travellers, expatriates, all staff on mission….


Specific offers for audiovisual shoots (pre, post-production), extreme sports or any other field requiring coverage adapted to the country or the risks involved.

What are the steps ?

Initial contact

We remain at you disposal to answer your questions. You can contact us by phone, by email or by filling up in the form on the website.

Requirements definition

After making contact, we will work together to define your needs. Exchanges can be made by email or by phone with a dedicated contact person who will follow your file from A to Z.

Sending a proposal

Once your needs are analysed and agreed you will receive the best suitable offer from various insurers.

Validation & contract

If the proposal suits you, a simple written validation (by email) will allow us to send you your contract. We will then accompany you wherever you go and whatever you do.

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